Giving Back

CrowdFunding For BoldBeYOUtifulGirls

Our hearts have always been in the right place with a desire to give back to the communities we live in. We are a family-owned youth supported business and motivated to empower young girls around the world, starting with our local communities.

A portion of all proceeds up to $500 quarterly (from our crowdfunding campaigns/ pre-launch products) will go to BoldBeYOUtifulGirls of Aboriginal Descent who desire to be their own future CEO's. 

Your purchases help us support and enrich the lives of other girls in every way we can.

Grant Summary Details:

  • Frequency: Quarterly funding; grants are awarded towards funding their future business endeavors.
  • Girls Ages 14-18 years old may apply once during the year. 
  • All applicants will remain eligible until their 19th birthday and at that time may be eligible for our BoldBeYOUtifulWomens future grant program.

Grant Qualifications:

  • All applicants will be required to submit an overall business funding summary. 
  • The funding summary will require each participant to answer a few questions in a business plan format. Please note: applicants will not be required to give the actual business names for privacy and future name reservation purposes.
  • The goal is to get their business summaries to highlight on our Bright Future Business Support Page.

Grant Summary Questions will be emailed to all participants. Click HERE to apply. One application per year unless your business future business plans change we can update your application to reflect new goals on our Bright Future Business support page.

    Grant Summary CASH & Store Merch Details:

    • Each eligible applicant will have the opportunity to win a minimum 10% of our quarterly revenue through our pre-order purchasing model for UniqueLife Merch clothing brand.
    • The grant will be announced at the end of every 3rd month of the year (ie. at the end of March, June, September & December.)
    • Grant winners are randomly selected using a free online tool called Random Name Picker and out of the applicants entered (10 random names will be picked), then we will narrow those 10 down to 3 based on their written summaries. Those three will be re-entered into the name picker and the winner for the quarter will be picked for the cash prize and will be ineligible to reapply for 12 months to allow for others to have a chance to win. 
    • The other two applicants that made it to the top three applicants for the quarter will be given entry prizes (UniqueLife Merch) store swag bags.
    • The winner(s); cash winner and store swag winners - will be notified by email and/or phone.

    CrowdFunding Opportunity:

    • Each week we launch new UniqueLife Merch Statement Shirts that can be purchased for a HUGE discounted price and a portion of all proceeds will go to our quarterly giveaway grant program.
    • Parents of minors must assist and sign their entry form as written consent to participate and agrees to all program rules.


    Thank you for coming along on this journey with us

    If you are an organization that would love to become one of our partners or provide support, please contact us.